The Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) is a PMTNM-sponsored, non-competitive program that offers students an opportunity to evaluate their personal progress.

Rather than compete against other students, participants in PEP are able to compare their progress to a standard determined and evaluated by noted music educators from outside the AMTA organization. Judges are selected by the State PEP chair based on teaching experience, musicianship, past adjudication, and personal rapport with students.

Twelve performance levels, Elementary through Advanced, are offered to allow students to be evaluated relative to the normal expectation for their age and musical background. Each student will receive written comments and a rating from their judge at the conclusion of their performance. A rating of “Superior” will receive a blue ribbon, a rating of “Par” will receive a red ribbon, and a rating of “Good, but with room for improvement” will receive a white ribbon. In addition to a ribbon, each student will receive a certificate of participation. A student who has participated in PEP for 3 years will receive a trophy. A larger trophy is awarded after 6 years of participation.


Dates: Saturday, April, 20th, 2024

Location: PianoWerkes, Albuquerque

Application deadline: Saturday, April 6th, 2024

If you have questions please contact the local PEP chair, Allyssa Pehrson by email or by phone at (385) 208-8514


Levels 1-4 : $20 per student

Levels 5-8 : $25 per student

Levels 9-12 : $30 per student


  1. Each teacher who enters students must submit the INDIVIDUAL TEACHER APPLICATION FORM along with ONE check, payable to PMTNM, to cover the fees for ALL students. Application form and check must be mailed to Allyssa Pehrson, Local PEP Chair (address below) by the application deadline.
  2. Each teacher should also send a list of their participating students, with names, levels, and preferred time for audition to Allyssa Pehrson via e-mail and regular mail (address below) by the application deadline.
  3. Students must play at least three pieces from memory. Contrasting musical pieces should be selected to show the student’s versatility. Beginning with Level 4, students must play selections representing three musical periods. Students also need to demonstrate some technique work, i.e. scales (or Pentascales for elementary levels), arpeggios, and cadences (tonic triads for elementary levels) in the key of each piece. The teacher will determine the performance level for each student and will select repertoire consistent with the level. (See PEP Repertoire and Technique Guideline, or the PMTNM handbook).
  4. Length of the performance shall not exceed 5 minutes for levels 1-4; 10 minutes for levels 5-8; and 16 minutes for levels 9-12.
  5. The student should provide a PEP EVALUATION FORM filled out with music and technique information and a copy of each piece of music for the judge. Measures should be numbered to expedite commentary. Reproductions of copyrighted music may not be used.

Local PEP Chair: Allyssa Pehrson, email or (385) 208-8514
State PEP Chair: Janna Warren, email