Please contact any of these AMTA members if you have questions about activities or about joining the organization:

AMTA  Board

President:  Tatyana Bayliyeva, e-mail or call (505) 377-1641

Vice-President Programs : Marylene Dosse, e-mail  or call (505) 265-5839

Treasurer:  Elvira Guillen, e-mail or call 505-934-1208

Secretary: Benthany Ostler , email or call ( 505) 890-0890

AMTA Activity Chairs

Member Meetings: Astrid Groth, e-mail or call (505) 836-5542.
Online Directory: Bethany Ostler, e-mail or call (505) 890-0890.
Student Recitals: Graziella DiMauro (chair), e-mail or call (505) 236-3107.
Honors: Tatiana Vetrinskaya, e-mail or call (505) 573-5556
PEP Auditions: Tzufeng Liu, e-mail or call (217) 390-2149
Sharon Kunitz (State Chair), e-mail or call (505) 821-4901.

To learn more about MTNA, please visit their website, or contact them here.
To learn more about PMTNM, please visit their website, or contact them here.