The MTNA Certification Program exists to enhance the level of professionalism within the field of music education. MTNA benefits the members of the profession itself, as well as members of the public who interact with the profession. For the music teaching professional, certification provides prestige, recognition, and the potential for student recruitment and increased earning power. For the public, certification helps to readily identify competent music teachers in their communities.

In 2010, MTNA instituted a new Certification Process that requires applicants to create a portfolio of materials that demonstrate their qualifications as a music teacher. In order to become nationally certified, teachers must be able to demonstrate their competence in several areas relevant to music teaching—performance, pedagogy, score analysis, philosophy, ethics, time management, and business skills—through a combination of written materials and video.

Click here for more info or to download an application for MTNA certification. For help with the certification process or in finding a mentor who can help prepare the portfolio, contact NM State Certification Chair Amy Greer by e-mail or phone (505-573-5121).