AMTA E-lists

AMTA maintains two electronic mailing lists for members: AMTA Forum and AMTA Announce. Members are automatically subscribed to both lists. Non-members are also welcome to subscribe.

AMTA Forum

Members use AMTA Forum to share information with one another, to ask questions or solicit advice, and to discuss the teaching of music. To post a message to AMTA Forum, send your message to, and it will be distributed to all subscribers. To reply to a message from AMTA Forum, use the “reply” button to respond privately to the poster, or the “reply all” button to respond to all subscribers. Nonmembers can subscribe to AMTA Forum here.

AMTA Announce

AMTA Announce provides up-to-date information about all AMTA events and activities. Only Board members can post to AMTA Announce, but any subscriber can reply to a post. Replies go only to the sender. Nonmembers can subscribe to AMTA Announce  here.

AMTA Archives

Messages posted to AMTA Forum and AMTA Announce are automatically archived. To access the AMTA archives, visit AMTA Announce and AMTA Forum online. The online site requires a password, so you will first need to create a password for yourself and log in using your e-mail address as your user name. Be sure to use the same e-mail address at which you have been receiving your messages. Once you are logged in, click on Archive in the sidebar to view the most recent postings or search the archive for older postings by date, sender, or subject.


More detailed instructions for using AMTA Forum and AMTA Announce can be found here. For additional help, please contact the AMTA List Manager, Candace Brower, by e-mail or phone at 505-883-2982main