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Where Music and Education Harmonize

Welcome to the Albuquerque Music Teachers Association (AMTA), your premier destination for exceptional music education in Albuquerque. As a proud local chapter of the esteemed Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and an affiliated member of the Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico (PMTNM), AMTA is committed to fostering a community of excellence in music education.

Our Philosophy

Music for Every Child

We believe that music should be an integral part of every child’s education, enriching their lives and fostering creativity.

Skill Enhancement Through Music

Learning a musical instrument is a powerful catalyst for enhancing various skills, providing a well-rounded foundation for personal and academic development.

Lifelong Musical Journey

It’s never too late to embark on a musical journey. We embrace the idea that learning a musical instrument can begin at any age, offering endless opportunities for growth and self-expression.

Joy and Well-being

We understand that music is not just a skill but also a lifelong source of joy and well-being. It brings happiness and a sense of fulfillment that extends throughout one’s life.

Creative Teaching

Teaching music is a creative endeavor where educators continuously evolve and expand their knowledge. At AMTA, we celebrate the dynamic and ever-learning nature of music education, inspiring both teachers and students to reach new heights.

For Students

Experience the magic of music education with AMTA:

Performance Opportunities

Showcase your talent on stage through our student recitals, where you’ll gain valuable performance experience and share your passion for music with a supportive audience.

Skill Development

Elevate your musical abilities with our Performance Evaluation Program (PEP), a tailored platform designed to nurture your growth and refine your skills, ensuring you reach your full musical potential.

Scholarships and Awards

Open doors to your future with the chance to win scholarships and prestigious awards. At AMTA, we recognize and celebrate outstanding student achievements, providing opportunities to further your musical journey.

For Members

Unlock a world of opportunities by becoming an AMTA member:

Expand Your Expertise

Join a community of dedicated music teachers and tap into a rich pool of knowledge and experience. As an AMTA member, you’ll have access to continuous learning and professional growth, enriching your teaching skills and musical expertise.

Promote Your Expertise

Showcase your qualifications and dedication through our “Find A Teacher” feature, making it effortless for prospective students and their families to discover your services. Many of our members hold prestigious national certifications (NCTM), enhancing your reputation as a top-tier music educator.

Enrich Your Network

Connect with fellow music enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and collaborate with like-minded professionals. AMTA fosters a supportive and vibrant community where you can build lasting relationships and stay updated on the latest developments in music education.

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”


Upcoming Events

  • Second Annual Tzufeng Liu Student Chamber Music Recital! March 3, 2024 3pm Trinity @ The Marketplace

  • Feldenkrais Workshop with Dr. Janice Chiang

    Date: January 26, 2024Details: Discover the Feldenkrais method in the workshop titled “Connecting Arms through the Center of You.” Time: 10:00 AM Location: Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga , 4300 Paseo Del Norte NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

  • Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival

    Vocal Artistry’s Art Song Festival is an annual festival open to all students, singers, and pianists living in the state of New Mexico. Our goal is to encourage the further study of Art Song repertoire which plays a vital role in the sculpting of vocal performers. Required festival pieces will be performed before an experienced…

  • Spring Student Recital

    Date: April 27, 2024 Venue: Venue Announcement Coming Soon! Details: Our joyous annual student recital. Venue announcement coming soon! Application Deadline: April 13, 2024 Contact: Elvira Guillen, Email:


Find quick answers to common questions about the Albuquerque Music Teachers Association (AMTA) below. For more details or specific inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What are the benefits of joining the Albuquerque Music Teachers Association (AMTA)?

Joining AMTA offers a range of benefits including networking opportunities with fellow music educators, access to student recitals and performance events, participation in workshops and masterclasses, and resources to enhance teaching and professional development.

How can I or my child participate in AMTA-sponsored events and competitions?

Participation in AMTA events and competitions is typically open to students of AMTA member teachers. To get involved, you can find a local AMTA teacher through our directory and discuss enrollment and participation in upcoming events. Each event may have specific registration requirements and deadlines, so it’s best to consult with your teacher for detailed information.

What resources does AMTA offer for music teachers looking to improve their teaching practice?

AMTA is committed to the professional development of its members. We offer a variety of resources including educational workshops, seminars on the latest music teaching methods, access to a community of experienced educators for advice and support, and opportunities to participate in student recitals and adjudicated events which can provide valuable feedback and experience.